Iran to restart N-deal talks

Thursday, Oct 28, 2021

TEHRAN: Iran has agreed to resume talks next month with world powers over its nuclear deal, the country’s deputy foreign minister said on Wednesday, after talks with EU mediators in Brussels.

The other participants in the talks -- which included indirect negotiations between the United States and Iran -- still need to confirm the return to the table. "We agree to start negotiations before the end of November. Exact date would be announced in the course of the next week," Ali Bagheri, who also serves as Tehran’s chief negotiator, wrote on Twitter.

The EU and world powers have been scrambling to try to get negotiations in Vienna aimed at reviving the 2015 accord back on track after the election of a hardliner in Tehran.

The agreement between Iran and world powers to find a long-term solution to the crisis over its controversial nuclear programme has been moribund since former US president Donald Trump walked out of the deal in May 2018 and imposed sweeping sanctions.