Literary festival opens at Gandhara Citizens Club

Muhammad Anis
Saturday, Mar 18, 2023

Islamabad: Going to become a regular annual event, the three-day Islamabad Literary Festival kicked off here on Friday evening.

The opening ceremony was held at Gandhara Citizens Club F-9 which was closed for the last 15 years. The facility which was made operational with the organisation of events of the Islamabad Literary Festival, would hub of activities till March 19. The event started with the National Anthem and recitation from the Holy Qura’an.

Ex-CDA Chairman, Kamran Lashari who turned around Islamabad in his less than five years tenure acted as moderator during discussions on the development of Islamabad from time to time.

Senior journalists Hamid Mir and Aasma Shirazi and Dr. Waqar Zakria participated in the discussion. During the discussion, the challenges faced during the development of Islamabad were also highlighted. There was consensus that natural beauty and landscape were maintained during the development process.

It was also observed first function at the Citizens Club was possible 15 years after its completion. Later, Asghar Nadeem Syed led a panel discussion on 'Islamabad Manzil Ba Manzil '.

Chairman of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) Noorul Amin Mengal told the media at the ceremony that the Citizens Club following necessary renovation and cleanliness was made ready for the literary festival.

He further said that the club would be opened for membership after completing certain formalities. The affairs of the club would be run by a management committee comparing people from the private sector and CDA itself. The membership would be given through balloting. The facility would not only be made financially sustainable but it would also generate profit. At least one-third of the profit would be spent on the social sector education and health of the lower poor class.

The Citizen Club was the brainchild and project of the then CDA Chairman Kamran Lashari who turned around Islamabad during his less than five years tenure by giving residents many recreational facilities and road development projects.