PSB Board to meet on 24thto form election commission

Abdul Mohi Shah
Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023

ISLAMABAD: The establishment of the Election Commission is one of the agenda items of the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Governing Board meeting convened for March 24 (depending on the availability of the IPC Minister).

The News has learnt from well informed sources that the PSB is contemplating empowering the three-member election commission to form its own constitution. “Yes, we have convened the PSB Board meeting on March 24 to take up different issues including the formation of the Election Commission and panel of Adjudicators that will work under the PSB ambit.

This election commission will consist of three members including Election Commissioner which will be a fully paid job. The basic purpose of the Election Commission will be to conduct federations elections,” a source within the PSB said.

The Islamabad High Court recently directed the PSB to finalise the Election Commission constitution before its formation. “The constitution of the Election Commission is a must before its operation,” the court said.

The PSB in response approached the Court to allow the commission to conduct the federations elections according to a new constitution. A Civil Miscellaneous petition (CM) was to be submitted to the Honourable Court of law requesting for more time for the constitution of Election Commission which is under process and Federations may be allowed to conduct their elections as per their international mandatory requirements as per previous modus operandi till the new election system is in place.

But now it has been learnt that the PSB has decided to form the election commission and entrust it with the powers to form its own constitution. “We have decided to form the three-member Election Commission and give them all the powers to constitute its own constitution in consultation with the sports federations. The first and foremost duty of the PSB Election Commission will be to form its constitution in accordance with the given mandate and as directed by the High Court.

After the constitution approval, the second duty of the Election Commission will be to hold federations elections. There are some sports federations whose officials have already completed their terms like the Athletics Federation of Pakistan (AFP). Once the constitution is finalised, election of such federations will be conducted,” the official said.

The Minister of Inter Provincial Coordination (IPC) Ehsanur Rehman Mazari is in Karachi busy with party (PPP) commitments. “The Governing Board meeting will be held depending on the Minister’s availability.”

The Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) has refused to become part of the new PSB Board altogether. Shah Khawar Associates, Barrister, Solicitors and Corporate Consultants is expected to be given some role in the Election Commission. The finalisation of the Panel of Adjudicators is also on the PSB Board agenda with the likes of Muhammad Farhat Ullah Khan and Mr Attaullah expected to get some positions.