Technical reasons, not N-programme, behind IMF deal delay: Dar

Mehtab Haider
Tuesday, Mar 21, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Amid the prevalence of a complete lull in the striking of staff level agreement, Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar distanced himself from his statement for linkage of Pakistan’s nuclear programme with the ongoing parleys, saying that the delay in the IMF agreement was purely due to technical reasons.

Under the title of Finance Minister Senator Mohammad Ishaq Dar’s statement on the Floor of the Senate of Pakistan on Pakistan’s Nuclear Programme, the Ministry of Finance stated that his statement on the floor of the Senate on 16th March 2023, in response to a query regarding reasons for the delay in IMF programme, is being quoted out of context.

“My comments with regards to Pakistan’s Nuclear Programme were in response to a colleague Senator’s specific question, wherein, I emphasized that Pakistan has a sovereign right to develop its nuclear programme, as it best suits our national interests, without any external dictation, which, by no means should in any way whatsoever be linked with the ongoing negotiations with the IMF” he stated.

“It is clarified that neither IMF nor any other country has attached any conditionality or made any demand from Pakistan with regard to our nuclear capability and the delay in IMF staff-level agreement is purely due to technical reasons, for which we are continuously engaged with the IMF in order to conclude it at the earliest” he concluded. This kind of statement has annoyed the IMF because it had portrayed the IMF as Villon in eyes of the Pakistani masses, said the sources.