Moot held on career development

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Sunday, Apr 09, 2023

KARACHI: S&P Global, in collaboration with Nutshell Group, has held a webinar on career development, a statement said on Saturday.

Corporate executives and HR experts examined the impact of technological advancements and organisational changes on workplace relationships in the webinar named ‘Career Development: Creating a Path for Employee Growth and Retention’.

The discussion revolved around an ideal culture of a workplace that is continuously evolving, making it critical for organisations to redesign and rethink their work structures to retain their best talent.

Speaking on the occasion, Mujeeb Zahur, managing director, S&P Global, said; “We at S&P Global spend our energies on developing clear goals, embracing continuous learning, networking strategically, seeking feedback, and proactively developing leadership skills across the team.”

The webinar opened different perspectives of looking at the increasing need for retention and growth and how closely it was linked to leadership dynamics.

Saquib Ahmad, managing director Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, SAP, emphasised the role of leadership saying, “The overall phenomenon around workplaces has changed, and the employees know exactly what to demand from the organization they wish to work for.”

He also insisted on a conducive ecosystem to retain talent and reduce brain drain in Pakistan.