Police ensure foolproof security during flour distribution

Our crime correspondent
Sunday, Apr 09, 2023

Islamabad: The Islamabad Capital Police have taken all necessary measures to ensure the safety of citizens during the free flour distribution campaign being carried out by the district administration in the federal capital.

To ensure the convenience of citizens, the district administration has set up multiple distribution points across the city, including Saffron Marquee on Park Road, Rawat Utility Store, Majestic Marquee on Expressway, Galaxy Marquee on GT Road, Dhok Paracha on GT Road, Sitara Market, Bari Imam, Golra Utility Store, Jafar Chowk, Jawa Chowk in Sector I-9, Thanda Pani Utility Store, Chattha Bakhtawar, Syedpur, Motial Marquee, Dubai Marriage Hall, and Modern Marriage Hall. While, following the special directions of IGP Islamabad, senior officers are also visiting the free flour distribution points on a daily basis and briefing the staff engaged in the duties, so that no untoward incident takes place and citizens can easily get benefit from this facility.

The Islamabad Capital Police urges citizens to cooperate with police and follow safety guidelines during the flour distribution.