Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy to direct upcoming Star Wars movie

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Sunday, Apr 09, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani Oscar-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy is set to direct the upcoming Star Wars movie, Lucasfilm revealed on Friday.

The Ms Marvel director will become the first woman and first person of colour to direct a Star Wars movie that will be set after the events of 2019’s Rise of Skywalker, according to Variety. Chinoy’s movie will feature actor Daisy Ridley as the main character of Rey as she builds a new Jedi Order. Her movie will be scripted by writer Steven Knight — who also penned the scripts of Peaky Blinders and Spencer.

The announcement was made by Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy at Star Wars Celebration in London on Friday. However, the project is still untitled.

Confirming the news, Chinoy said that she was very excited to be directing the next Star Wars movie and bringing Ridley back to the galaxy. “I have always been attracted to the heroes journey and the world definitely needs more heroes!” she wrote on her Instagram account. “The blueprints of the heroes we see on screen are rooted in reality — I’ve spent my life meeting real-life heroes, who have overcome the most oppressive empires and battled impossible odds and that to me is the heart of Star Wars...which is why I was attracted to the promise of a new Jedi Order …And why I’m particularly excited about being immersed inside a Jedi Academy with a powerful Jedi Master,” she said.