Conman who married over 100 women

News Report
Sunday, Apr 09, 2023

WASHINGTON: A man in the US earned the distinction of being the world’s biggest bigamist by marrying as many as 105 women, without getting divorced, between 1949 and 1981.

Each time, Giovanni Vigliotto would propose to the woman on their first date and then decamp with her possessions after getting married. According to the

Guinness World Records, Giovanni Vigliotto is not the real name of the person but just one of the aliases he used with his last wife before getting caught. In 1983, Giovanni Vigliotto was awarded 34 years of imprisonment on charges of fraud and bigamy along with a fine of $336,000 (approx. Dh1,233,992). Giovanni Vigliotto tied the knot with 105 women from across 27 states in the US and 14 other countries. He would meet the women at flea markets, confess his love to them on the first meeting and then soon arrange a wedding while keeping his real identity concealed. His modus operandi involved asking his wife to pack all her belongings and join him after getting married. Vigliotto would then flee with the woman’s possessions in a truck and look for his next target. The conman sold the belongings at flea markets and kept evading arrest for a long period of time. But Vigliotto’s last wife, Sharon Clark, managed to locate him by herself and the was finally arrested on December 28, 1981.