Call for supporting charities educating underprivileged children

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Apr 09, 2023

karachi: UAE Consul General in Karachi Bakheet Ateeq Al Remeithi has urged philanthropists and donors in Pakistan to wholeheartedly support genuine charities engaged in educating children belonging to downtrodden communities.

Remeithi expressed these remarks while speaking at an event held at the Karachi Golf Club to present before prospective donors the achievements of the non-profit Al Furqan Welfare Organisation in the schooling of children from deprived classes.

He said that genuine non-profits doing charitable work in the education sector are truly engaged in the service of Pakistan, whose progress and development can only be achieved after tackling the issue of out-of-school children.

Advising prospective donors to generously donate to charities like Al Furqan, he said that spending money on the schooling of children belonging to underprivileged families is the best use of donations.

He also said that only proper education can empower the coming generation belonging to lesser privileged areas to support their families, and enable them to defeat poverty and serve the country in the best possible manner. The UAE CG urged the Al Furqan Welfare Organisation to continue with its movement to overcome the issue of illiteracy in Pakistan affecting several destitute families.

Al Furqan Welfare Organisation President Faryal Asif said her non-profit began its journey 12 years ago by launching a one-room charitable school with an enrolment of just 16 students.

She expressed her gratitude to the donors and supporters of her non-profit enabling it to establish 14 schools in Karachi with an enrolment of over 2,500 students from unprivileged families. She appealed to philanthropists to continue providing support to Al Furqan schools, which besides education, also take care of the nutritional, healthcare and vocational training needs of their students.