Anti-encroachment drive in Mansehra, Shinkiari demanded

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Apr 09, 2023

MANSEHRA: The people on Saturday demanded the tehsil municipal administrations in the district to clear the Karakoram Highway and other roads for smooth traffic during Ramazan.

“The people, particularly women and children, cannot freely move for shopping in the fasting month as shopkeepers and handcarts vendors occupy bazaars and footpaths,” Ajmal Khan, a local, told reporters.

He said that footpaths at Abbottabad Road, Shinkiari Road, Kashmir Road and Lari Adda were completely choked owing to the permanent and temporary encroachments.

“Tehsil Municipal Administration Mansehra has given a free hand to shopkeepers and hand carts vendors, who dumped their sailable goods outside their shops and footpaths creating hurdles in the smooth flow of traffic,” Khan added.

Another local, Mubarak Shah, said that TMA had failed to launch the anti-encroachment drive despite announcements many times, which led to the blockade of traffic in the city and its suburbs.

The residents of Shinkiari and its suburbs also complained about the traffic mess at KKH.