ACE launches corruption probe against PTI ex-MNA, LG officials

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Apr 09, 2023

MULTAN: Punjab Anti-Corruption Establishment (ACE) has ordered an inquiry into corruption, irregularities and malpractice allegedly committed by the PTI ex-MNA in connivance with the staff of Local Government, ACE officials said.

ACE Director General Suhail Zafar Chatha has ordered a corruption inquiry against MNA from Vehari Tahir Iqbal, Multan XEN Local Government (LG) Khalil Ahmad Khosa, ex-Assistant Engineer LG from Vehari Anwar Ahmad Hari, Sub-Engineer LG Maqsood Ahmed and others. The ACE letter says the accused ex-MNA Tahir Iqbal during 2021-22, at the request of local citizens, issued a grant from the Vehari Local Government Department.

The department approved soling, and sewerage schemes in different streets of Karampura under its tender scheme No.9.

However, Tahir Iqbal, former MNA, colluded with the officers and officials of the Local Government and got the site plan changed and approved and poor materials were used in the work done on that occasion.