King Charles’s coronation

Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani
Friday, May 12, 2023

The colourful ceremony of the coronation of King Charles III, the seventh British monarch, has been described as one of the biggest celebrations of the modern era. On this occasion, the coronation of Queen Camila was also held. Several heads of state and world leaders, particularly from former British colonies, including Pakistan and Commonwealth realms, were also present.

Upon the public appearance of the royal couple, a huge number of people were waving British flags on streets to greet and welcome them. The celebrations were also shown on the big screens installed in Hyde Park, Green Park, St James’s Park and other sites. Similarly, TV channels around the world ensured live coverage of the royal coronation ceremony.

King Charles swore his oath to the Church of England by placing his hand on the Holy Bible, expressing his determination to serve the people and promote a country in which people of all religions can live freely. According to media reports, the cost of the coronation of King Charles III is estimated to be around 100 million British pounds.

After the demise of Queen Elizabeth II, the world’s longest-serving monarch for almost seventy years, in September of last year, Crown Prince Charles assumed the highest rank of the British monarchy.

Following in the footsteps of his great mother, he pledged to serve the United Kingdom and the people from the core of his heart. The new king, during his first address to the British parliament, had assured that he would continue to follow the principles of Queen Elizabeth. After his speech, the anthem ‘God Save The King’ was also presented in parliament.

Undoubtedly, the great Queen Elizabeth, who assumed royal responsibilities at the age of twenty-seven, was known as a visionary leader. The imprint of the seventy-year long reign is so deep that even today people around the world are missing her.

Queen Elizabeth II had a special affiliation with Pakistan. She also served as the queen of Pakistan for a period of four years until the country adopted a republican constitution. She considered Pakistan a significant country of the Commonwealth.

She visited Pakistan twice during her reign. According to our elders, when the Queen visited Pakistan for the first time during then president Ayub ‘s era in 1961, a large number of Pakistani people came on the streets to see a glimpse of her and welcome her warmly. For her second visit to Pakistan in 1997, the queen chose the time when the country was celebrating the Golden Jubilee anniversary of independence.

Just a few days before breathing her last, she wrote a letter to the president of Pakistan, in which she expressed her heartfelt grief over the damage caused by the recent floods. She had assured that Britain stands with Pakistan to face such a critical situation. Let’s hope that King Charles will follow his great mother to play his pivotal role in preventing wars and under his reign efforts for international peace will be strengthened.

The writer is a member of the National

Assembly and patron-in-chief of the

Pakistan Hindu Council.

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