Opposition leader in Senate condemns May 9 incidents

Our Correspondent
Sunday, May 28, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and PTI’s Senator Dr Shahzad Waseem Saturday strongly condemned the May 9 incidents and said what happened on that day was not acceptable.

Talking to reporters here at the Parliament House, the PTI leader said any narrative or step, which tended to weaken the bond between the masses and the Army is in fact tantamount to weakening Pakistan.

“While the armed forces’ professional capabilities are its strength side by side with them is the bond of love between the masses and the military, and any narrative or step to weaken it is tantamount to weakening Pakistan,” he contended.

What happened on May 09, he pointed out, was not acceptable, adding that the most difficult challenges Pakistan faces today with regards to its security, stability and people’s difficulties, there’s need for the political leadership to take forward the democratic process, eroding uncertainty and chaos.

While referring to the attacks on the defence installations, he made it clear that one’s own house could not be lit up by setting it on fire. “Once again I strongly condemn the incidents of May 9 and express solidarity with the families of the martyrs … strict action should be taken against those involved after serious investigation,” he maintained.

In response to a question about his contact with PTI Chairma Imran Khan, he said that there has been no contact with Imran Khan for a long time.