May 28, a symbol of national pride: governor

Our Correspondent
Sunday, May 28, 2023

LAHORE:Punjab Governor Baligh ur Rehman said May 28, 1998 will always be remembered as a symbol of national security, defense and pride. Pakistan came into being as a result of political struggle of the Muslim League, and under the rule of this party, Pakistan became a nuclear power as well, he said while addressing a silver jubilee ceremony of Youm-e-Takbeer organised by Nazria-i-Pakistan Trust at Aiwan Quaid-e-Azam as chief guest on Saturday.

Governor said the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made Pakistan the first nuclear power of the Islamic world, and the seventh nuclear power of the whole world despite all kinds of international pressure and threats. He said Nawaz Sharif made the defense of the country impregnable by making a courageous decision of carrying out nuclear tests. Governor Punjab said that Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, the founder of the nuclear program, Chief Scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan and entire team deserve tributes who worked day and night to make this nuclear program a success. The officers and soldiers of Pakistan Army also deserve commendation, who were present in Chagai all the time. Governor Punjab said that we should remember our benefactors and avoid hate speeches and statements. He said that no one can be a benefactor for any nation than its martyrs. He added that the martyrs of Pakistan Army and the security forces are our pride, desecration of their memorials and undermining their dignity was a deplorable act.

Governor Punjab said that a politician incited hatred among the public to divert attention from the bad governance of his government and to cover up corruption and spread baseless propaganda and many people fell into his trap. He further said that on May 9, people were misled, they were incited to commit arson. He said that the enemies of Pakistan are trying to create instability and internal chaos. They are using terrorism as a weapon to achieve their nefarious objectives that include spreading despair among the people about the future of their homeland and creating mistrust between the people and the institutions responsible for national security. We need to create unity in our ranks to foil their nefarious plans, he stressed. Governor Punjab said that except one person, all the politicians have been united on every important national issue. Punjab Governor while appreciating the services of Nazria-i-Pakistan Trust said that it is working day and night to highlight the real causes and objectives of Pakistan. "I am well aware of the activities of this national ideological organisation. This institution is constantly reminding the people, especially the new generation, of the statement of the father of the nation that the purpose of creating Pakistan is not merely to acquire a piece of land, but to make it a laboratory of Islam," he added.