Omar Ayub, Shahzad Akbar, Sadaqat Abbasi say their houses raided

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Monday, May 29, 2023

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Sunday condemned police raids on the houses of party leaders Omar Ayub and Shahzad Akbar. In a tweet, the former prime minister wrote: “There were raids at night on Omar Ayub and Shahzad Akbar’s (he’s not even in the country) houses. “Today we are living in dark ages. Constitution violated, court decisions openly flouted, houses broken in without warrant and smashed, media muzzled and no one to protect our fundamental rights.” Newly-appointed PTI Secretary General and former federal minister Omar Ayub, earlier in a tweet, said: “Islamabad Police from Shalimar Police Station raided my house again at approx 12:30 am 28.5.23 without a search warrant & stole my parked Toyota Hilux Twin Cabin Model 2011. “Islamabad Police are indulging in illegal searches & now vehicle thefts. Members of the judiciary, civil servants & diplomats should take care of their vehicles as the police have resorted to stealing vehicles to top up their salaries in these super high inflationary times!! Where should I register an FIR for my stolen vehicle? Do I ask the thieves to catch the thieves?”

In another tweet, Omar Ayub posted photos and video of Islamabad Police entering his house “without a search warrant for the second time within five days”.

“The question that arises is that who do I go to for justice? When the police that are supposed to protect citizens are involved in unauthorised breaking in & motor vehicle theft?”

“Will this vehicle be used in a ‘staged’ event & then my name nominated in a false FIR? Where can I register the FIR against the police when the police themselves are the culprit & thief?” he said.

Earlier, former adviser to prime minister on accountability Mirza Shahzad Akbar in a tweet said: “Everyone knows I am not in country but Rangers and Police (25-30 armed) have attacked my house in Islamabad at 1 am, broken doors and have kidnapped my younger brother.”

Imran also condemned dismantling the main gate and house of PTI Islamabad leader Ali Nawaz Awan and termed the act cowardly. He said that Awan’s elderly mother and sister, who is a special person, were residing in the house.

“The incidents happened so far proved that the government was not acquainted with what is called morality. The PDM should have fear of Allah’s wrath which they are inviting through their fascist acts,” Imran said in a separate tweet.

Ali Nawaz also tweeted about search of his house by Islamabad authorities and posted a photo and a video.

In a separate tweet, he said that after ransacking his house, his business office had been sealed but he would not sell his conscience for the fear of death or destruction of business. He said that he would continue fighting the fascism till he has nerves.

Another PTI leader from Murree, Sadaqat Abbasi, in a tweet, meanwhile, said that police raided his house in I-8 sector of Islamabad along with 25 to 30 people but his family was not at home.

In a tweet, Abbasi said that they again whisked away his househelp Waqas Ahmad, who was released from Attock jail two days ago and was tortured by five police officials in thana. They also took DVR of CCTV cameras.

He said that two days earlier, Murree police had raided his village house at 4am and harassed his mother besides also trampling over the sanctity and privacy of nearby houses.

The PTI leader said that they were facing fascist acts of the government but would remain steadfast to their principles and would keep on their peaceful political struggle for the rule of law in the country and betterment of society.