Police raid house of Raja Basharat

Shakeel Anjum
Sunday, Jun 04, 2023

RAWALPINDI: The Rawalpindi police conducted raid at the residence of former Punjab minister Raja Basharat at Dhamial on intelligence based information but failed to get him as he was not at home, the police sources said. According to the FIR lodged with the RA Bazar Police Station under Sections 7 ATA and 353, 186, 341, 440, 441, 147, 148, 149 and 416 of Pakistan Penal Code (PPC), saying that a charged and violent mob of over 300 equipped protestors led by former Punjab minister Raja Basharat, attacked at the Gate No. 1 of General Headquarters (GHQ), on 9th May and damaged the gate and military installations, chanted disgusting slogans against army. According to City Police Officer (CPO), Syed Khalid Hamdani, 76 miscreants, involved in GHQ attack, have been arrested in the first phase after 9th May chaos, while, remaining suspects are being hunted down. He said that different teams have been constituted to conduct raids to arrest the people at large. An intelligence agency source claimed that Raja Basharat, Shaikh Rashid Shafique and his aides have taken refuge in Gilgit-Baltistan under the protection of the government of GB, adding that raiding parties have been dispatched to GB to hunt them down.