Murad voices support for specialised neuropsychiatric care

Our Correspondent
Thursday, Jun 08, 2023

The Children of Adam (CoA), a non-profit organization, hosted a successful fundraising dinner on Wednesday at the Chief Minister House with the aim of establishing a much-needed neuropsychiatric hospital in Karachi. The event was attended by Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah as chief guest, who voiced unwavering support for the cause of specialised neuropsychiatric care within the community. He emphasized the urgent requirement for a dedicated facility to address the growing prevalence of neurological and psychiatric disorders. His speech struck a chord with the audience, inspiring them and generating widespread support for this noble cause.

The fundraising event brought togather an esteemed panel of mental health experts, including renowned neurologists Dr Ayesha Mian, Senator Dr Karim Khowaja, Mushtaq Chapra, Dr Tariq Ibrahim and Mufti Muhammad Farhan. The panel discussion shed light on the challenges faced by individuals due to neurological and psychiatric conditions, underscoring the significance of establishing a specialized facility to effectively address their needs.

CEO CoA Shahzad Sadan gave a presentation and explained the importance of the hospital. He stated that the hospital would be serving the masses for free. The hospital will have unique and holistic mental health facilities in Pakistan and in particular Karachi, and it will include inpatient as well as outpatient services.The pledging ceremony received an unwavering response from the audience. Their overwhelming support resulted in significant funds raised for the hospital. The networking session facilitated meaningful connections among stakeholders, fostering collaborations to advance mental health care in the region.

The remarkable success of the event exemplifies the dedication of the community towards improving mental health services. The funds raised will be utilised to construct the Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital with cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, advanced treatment facilities, and comprehensive patient support services.