LG dept being digitised to improve services

Our Correspondent
Thursday, Jun 08, 2023

LAHORE:Punjab Caretaker Local Government Minister Ibrahim Murad has said that digitisation of the department is in full swing to improve the quality of municipal services and bring them to the doorsteps of the citizens.

Addressing an oath taking ceremony of Local Government volunteers here on Wednesday, the minister revealed that a complaint management system was being introduced in the department for immediate redressing public complains. A helpline with contact number 1198 will be launched soon for immediate registration of public complaints. This system will be active round the clock to solve the problems of the citizens on their doorstep. In this system, timelines will be set for redressing grievances at various levels. In case the complaint is not redressed within the stipulated time, the higher level officer will take notice of the complaint and redress it. The minister said that the Local Government Department was related to the citizens from their birth to their death. It has been decided to make it a role model for other departments, he added.

He said that the Caretaker Government was trying to make long-lasting reforms in the short term so as to reduce the hardships of the common people and improve their lives. Ibrahim Murad said that thousands of youths across the province have registered themselves under the Local Government Volunteer Programme. He said that the caretaker cabinet was also working as volunteers and the ministers were not taking salary or other perks and privileges from the government. Ibrahim Murad said that only resources were not required for the improvement of governance, but good will and passion were essential for this purpose. He said, “Local Government volunteers were our eyes and ears. We will improve the quality of our services upon their input.”

He said that the aim of the programme was to harness the talents of the youth to improve the services of the LG Department. He made it clear that it was neither the Tiger Force nor a Dolphin Force, but its purpose was only aimed at serving the citizens. Special Secretary of Local Government Department Pervaiz Iqbal, Chief Officer MCL Ali Abbas, CEO Lahore Parking Company Bilal Feroze and CEO Lahore Waste Management Company Babar Sahib Din also spoke in the ceremony.