Grand Katcha operation continues

Our Correspondent
Thursday, Jun 08, 2023

LAHORE: Under the direction of Inspector General of Police Punjab Dr Usman Anwar, the Grand Katcha operation of Punjab Police continued for the 60th day and cops continued their intelligence-based operations, thwarting the nefarious intentions of Kutcha dacoits. According to the Punjab Police spokesman, the IGP has said the police teams are always ready and willing to maintain law and order in the cleared areas and ensure protection of life and property of people along with destruction of criminals. He directed that targeted operations and intelligence-based operations be expedited to nab criminals and their facilitators.

The spokesman said 12 dangerous dacoits were killed, more than eight were injured, 26 surrendered while 51 were arrested during the operation. Around 60,000 acres of land considered no-go area was cleared while three police community schools and two dispensaries were established in the cleared areas. Police destroyed dozens of hideouts. Among the weapons recovered from the dacoits were 12.7 machine guns (anti-aircraft), rocket launchers, G3s, SMGs, LMGs, Kalashnikovs, Repeaters, hand grenades and hundreds of bullets. The state writ has been established after clearing the areas of Kutchi Moro, Kutcha Jamal, Kutcha Imrani, Chak Kapra, Chak Chirag Shah, Jongo Thandi, Khairpur Bambili, Chak Chandia, Rakh Shahwali. Head money criminals including Bangiani, Sukhani, Imrani, Lund, Dalani, Pitt and Sadani were forced to flee. Police pickets have been established in the cleared areas. The RPO DG Khan and the DPO Rajanpur are present with jawans on the frontline. —Correspondent