Sindh Assembly passes bill for compulsory vaccination of children

Our Correspondent
Saturday, Aug 05, 2023

karachi: The Sindh Assembly on Friday passed the Sindh Immunization and Epidemics Control Bill 2023 for introducing the regime of compulsory vaccination of children against preventable infectious diseases and penalising the parents and guardians who refuse to vaccinate the minors in their families.

Speaking on the objectives of the legislation, Parliamentary Secretary on Health Muhammad Qasim Soomro said that up to 12 different vaccinations were necessary for safeguarding the health of children.

He explained that the government faced troubles in certain underprivileged areas in the province where parents were not willing to get their children vaccinated, due to which the government wanted to make immunisation of the children compulsory.

Soomro said pregnant women would also be vaccinated to safeguard their health and that of future generations.

The parliamentary secretary said Sindh had been a polio-free province for a long period as the provincial government had the utmost resolve to safeguard the health of the children.

The assembly also unanimously passed the Provincial Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Bill 2023 for raising the value of various fines imposed on violators of different road traffic rules. According to the bill, driving a motorcycle on the wrong side of the road could attract a penalty of Rs 2,000 while a car driver driving on the wrong side would have to pay a fine of Rs3,000.

Driving a motorcycle without a headlight could attract a penalty of Rs500 while a Rs800 fine will be imposed on using a car with faulty headlights. A motorcyclist driving without a helmet would pay a fine of Rs500. In case of over-speeding, the motorcyclist would pay a fine of Rs400 while the car owner would bear a penalty of Rs1,000. A car driver will pay a fine of Rs500 for violating the traffic signal while the penalty for the same violation would be Rs400 in the case of a motorcycle.

Meanwhile, speaking on his call-attention notice, Jamaat-e-Islami MPA Syed Abdul Rasheed spoke about the plight of the Sindh government-run Lyari General Hospital stating that basic healthcare facilities including oxygen cylinders were not available there.

The parliamentary secretary on health assured the House that an inquiry would be conducted into the worsening state of affairs of the hospital.

Sharjeel’s talk

Talking to media persons at the Sindh Assembly, Sindh Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon stated that the provincial legislature was poised to successfully complete its term and it had done historic legislation during this period.

He said during its tenure, the Sindh government remained proactive in addressing both disasters and various challenges.

He added that the government worked well under the guidance of Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah during the challenging flood situation and extended relief to the victims to the best of its abilities.

He added that recently he was asked why the Sindh government was silent over the case of minor girl Rizwana. He clarified that torture on Rizwana did not occur in Sindh, and added that the global image of the country was tarnished due to the incident.

Memon asked why Imran Khan was still a ‘Ladla’ in spite of the fact that his followers hurled petrol bombs at security personnel. Those who promptly take a suo motu notice on police transfers should similarly take a suo moto notice on this incident, he said as he questioned relief being provided to Khan.

He also paid tribute to the martyrs of Sindh police and other law enforcement agencies on the occasion of Martyrs Day.