Elite follies

Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023

Our people have been forced to carry the heavy burden of the follies of our leaders. It is time to put down this burden and re-assemble our broken dreams and our shattered hopes. We too can be a fair, tolerant and progressive society – provided we are willing to shut down the illegitimate entitlements of our plundering classes. There are few nations that have provided scores of government vehicles and subsidized or even free fuel and electricity to their officials to the extent that we do. Why does Pakistan indulge in such unethical and financially disastrous practices?

For Pakistan the only option is to close down half of its ministries, most of its commissions and demolish all perks and entitlements of all government officials and politicians. Let the savings go to provide legal minimum wages, EOBI and social security to every citizen of Pakistan.

Naeem Sadiq