Cellphone company to charge consumers late fee

Zubair Kasuri
Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023

ISLAMABAD: The largest mobile phone service provider in Pakistan has announced impositions of additional burden on its postpaid customers in the name of late fee in view of rising inflation and other issues.

The company has informed all postpaid customers through SMS and email. The company said in its message:

“It is to be clear that a late payment fee of Rs100+tax or postpaid bill+5 percent of tax (whichever is higher) and the amount not paid within the due date will be payable from 27th September 2023.” On Sunday also 10 to 15 percent additional charge has been imposed on fixed line internet users in Pakistan. In this regard, the spokesperson for the company said that with the aim of promoting timely payment of postpaid bills, late payment fees were implemented last year as per contractual obligations under service subscription terms and conditions. He said this late payment fee is currently being revised, capped at a maximum of Rs100 or 5 percent (excluding tax) of outstanding dues. As per the regulatory regime, transparency, information, and advance notification to the consumers concerned through SMS notification is being ensured to enable consumers to make decisions. This fee will not affect customers who pay on time.”