AJK citizens adopt unique way of protest against power bills

Our Correspondent
Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023

ISLAMABAD: In a unique way of protesting against inflated bills, the people of Azad Jammu & Kashmir has demanded the authorities remove electricity installations, including wires, poles and transformers from their fields.

The protesting power consumers set bills on fire to express their anger against high tariff. Besides, the residents of Darek, Rawalakot submitted an application at the office of XEN power department, demanding removal electricity installation from their land. They claimed that when the government installed poles, wires and transformers, it did not make any agreement with the locals. They said that the government had cut valuable forests during the last 42 years. Locals are not allowed to make any construction nearby the electricity installations nor are they being paid rent or cost against them, they said. The power consumers are being fleeced on various counts, said the protesting citizens, adding they cannot afford such an expensive electricity. The locals have demanded from the authority to remove electricity installations within a month and restore their electricity connection. In addition, Public Action Committee Muzaffarabad has given a shutter-down strike call against inflationary bills, reduced flour subsidy and high cost of living on August 31 throughout the division.