Flood ruins crops, displaces people in Bahawalpur areas

Our Correspondent
Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023

BAHAWALPUR: Flash flood has wreaked havoc in river belt of Sutlej River after flood water entered rural areas, devastating standing crops on thousands of acres of land and forcing thousands of people to leave their homes.

The sources in the Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA) said that the inflow of water at Mailsi Saifan was recorded at 146,000 cusec and at Empress Bridge Bahawalpur at 130,000 cusec.

Several Zamindara embankments on Sutlej River had broken after the river received high-level floodwater as India had released more water into Sutlej River.

Reports reaching here suggested that floodwater had entered villages of Lal Suhanra including Nira Bonga, Basti Ramazan, Patan, Chela Basti and others. Floodwater has also submerged Waslan, Baqir Pur, Goth and others located near Empress Bridge Bahawalpur and Adam Wahn area.

Thousands of people were forced to leave their areas while floodwater had devastated standing crops of maze and cotton on thousands of acres of land. The floodwater has also entered villages of Tehsil Ahmadpur East which were located in river belt area.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner, Bahawalpur, Zaheer Anwar Jappa visited river belt areas in Mauza Khanowali, Sama Satta and inspected current situation.

The deputy commissioner said that all available resources were being utilized to provide rescue and relief to people affected by floodwater in river belt areas. “So far, floodwater has affected few rural areas of river belt of Sutlej River, adding that thousands of people have safely been evacuated to safer areas,” he said.

He further said that dozens of flood relief camps have been established to facilitate people being affected by floodwater in river belt areas and added that the district management had been monitoring the situation round the clock. District Emergency Officer, Punjab Emergency Service Department, Rescue 1122 Bahawalpur, Dr Baqir Hussain who visited the river belt areas near Empress Bridge of Sutlej River, Sama Satta and others said that his department had deployed teams at the relief camps to provide the all necessary facilities to people.