Motorists face increased robbery threats on GT Road

Afshan S. Khan
Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023

Islamabad:Commuters using the main Islamabad Expressway have been facing a growing risk of robbery threats, attributed to the incomplete road construction and the absence of proper Highway lighting near T-Chowk.

There were few incidents of potential robbery attempts to motorists at night which has raised alarms among the public living around DHA 2 and Emaar Canyon View residents. Though the flyover for DHA phase 2 and DHA phase 5 has been constructed and inaugurated by ex-PM Shehbaz Shareef but the patch that leads to T chowk is still under construction and the road is in dilapidated condition creating mental torture for motorists. The deteriorating condition of the highway, which serves as a vital artery for commuters traveling to and from Islamabad, has become a matter of significant concern. Still some patches remain under construction for long and still not completed. Entrance of Emaar and Entrance of Institute of Space and Technology still remains under construction and the commuters have to remain uncertain of the entry and exit points that keep changing every week due to highway construction and widening of the road and laying drainage pipes. Poorly constructed sections of the road have not only led to frequent traffic congestion but have also provided criminals with opportunities to target vulnerable motorists. One such incident happened at night few days ago where a wheel cap was thrown in front of the car to stop the car and to rob the car inmates.

The person had to speed away to avoid robbery attempt. One of the major points of concern is the lack of Highway lights near T Chowk, a critical intersection that witnesses a high volume of traffic including buses and truck that has totally damaged the newly constructed road.

The cat-eyes have segregated the heavy traffic to left side but they don't follow the rule and and come on the right side and on fast lane totally violating the highway traffic rules. The absence of proper illumination has turned this area into a potential hotspot for criminal activities, as dimly lit stretches of road provide cover for those with malicious intent and gang robberies.

Local residents and motorists living around DHA 2 and Emaar have expressed their distress over the situation as it is a direct threat to them and their families. "It's incredibly unnerving to drive through this area, especially after dark. The road conditions make it difficult to navigate, and the lack of street lights adds a layer of danger that's hard to ignore," commented Zoha Khan, a frequent commuter. The authorities should work closely with relevant departments to improve road infrastructure and enhance security measures, including the installation of adequate Highway lighting. The traffic police patrolling should increased and surveillance through CCTV should be installed near the vulnerable areas to deter criminal activities. The motorists should remain cautious, especially during the evening hours, and report any suspicious activities to the authorities.

The commuters and residents are hopeful that an early intervention to solve this issue is taken to sort out the problems of commuters are facing on daily basis. Already all the u-turns on highways are closed and have to travel on overhead bridges for few kilometres to get a u-turn. With the raising prices of petrol, this provision also seems a burden on one's pocket at this time.