Consumers continue protests against inflated electricity bills

Our Correspondent
Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023

LAHORE: Power consumers refused to budge over exorbitant power bills as dozens of demonstrations were held in Lahore Electric Supply Company (Lesco) areas here on Monday.

The public protest against the hike in electricity bills entered the fourth day on Monday. Amid hot temperature people came out of their homes even on first working day of the week in different areas of the provincial metropolis and adjoining districts. The protesters said that they are sandwiched between option of paying the electricity bills or feed the children in exorbitantly high inflation in the country. At a protest at commercial centre of Iqbal Town, protesters burnt electricity bills and demanded the government to rationalise their bills.

They warned that if the increase in the bills is not rectified along with withdrawal of cruel taxes, they will continue their protest.

Transgenders also held a demonstration outside Lahore Press Club. In their typical way, they vent their anger over power managers, saying life have become like hell for them due to high cost of electricity.

They asked the authorities to have passionate view of unreasonable power bills with a view to give relief to masses. Demonstrators blocked the road at Shalamar Chowk against what they call unreasonable increase in electricity bills.

They protested against the hike in electricity prices and heavy taxes. On the other hand, the traders of Hall Road in the heart of City were also worried about the massive increase in electricity bills. A trade leader said that if the increase in electricity bills is not withdrawn, they will be forced to take to others commercial hubs also. The employees of Wasa also protested in the offices against the increase in electricity bills.

Protests were also held on Ferozpur Road, Multan Road and Canal Road. Protestors vowed to continue their protest over menace of overbilling. We will not let distribution companies robbed us in broad day light, they said. Demonstrators noted that power have increased sharply due to levy of complex taxes along with the unending burden of fuel price adjustment. In Sheikhupura, the people continued to protest against the increase in electricity prices. A protest rally was organised traders.

The protesters protested against Wapda and raised slogans against power managers. The protesters shouted slogans against the authorities and burnt the electricity bills. They said that poor people are fed up with high cost of living.