Nawaz key to Pakistan’s progress: Maryam

Our Correspondent
Tuesday, Aug 29, 2023

LAHORE: Maryam Nawaz, the PMLN chief organizer, has termed former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif “the key to success for Pakistan.”

Meeting delegations of women leaders and officials from different districts in Lahore here on Monday, she also reviewed the performance of the women youth wing and said that she had felt proud to see the active participation of so many women in political activities.

Maryam said that it was her desire that more party tickets should be given to the youth in the next election because the youth have the ability to make Pakistan a strong country. She claimed that female students like the PMLN leadership because of their performance. She added the PMLN had become the largest youth and women’s party in the country.

“The PMLN leadership has always empowered the youth, they were provided with laptops and interest-free loans for decent employment,” she maintained, adding it was sad that people were facing problems like inflation and inflated electricity bills.

Maryam that Nawaz Sharif had saved the people from inflation, terrorism and loadshedding and once again he would save the people from inflation and inflated electricity bills because he was the guarantee of Pakistan’s development.