Landslide blocks Tank-South Waziristan road

Our Correspondent
Tuesday, Sep 19, 2023

TANK: Traffic remained suspended after a landslide blocked a road between South Waziristan and Tank districts in the Khargi area, an official said on Monday.

Tank Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Shoaib Khan said the landslide struck the Tank-Waziristan Road at Khargi area due to overnight rain, suspending the flow of traffic. He said machinery was being used to remove the landslide and clear the road. However, he said that the work would take a few hours as a heavy landslide had blocked the road and many vehicles had stranded on both sides.

According to the local people, the passengers stranded on both sides of the road were facing problems, including the lack of drinking water. They said that some families, including women and children, who were traveling on the road, were left stranded due to the landslide.