Laser pointer use: Residents near Karachi airport endangering planes

Our Correspondent
Sunday, Sep 24, 2023

KARACHI: A number of complaints have been made by the pilots about rising incidents of laser light strikes on the airplanes landing or taking off at the Jinnah International Airport, Karachi, sources within the Air Traffic Control (ATC) said on Saturday.

The lasers lights available commercially can disrupt a pilot’s vision, cause distraction or disorientation during the critical phases of takeoff and landing, subsequently risking the lives of those onboard.

Sources said the pilots reported laser light strikes from the areas of Model Colony, Korangi and Shah Faisal Colony, Pehlwan Goth and other areas located near the Karachi airport. They said that these incidents have surged during the past one week and the national and international airline companies have informed the air traffic controller.

The airplanes come under the laser beam while on the approach for landing at Karachi airport and right after taking off, the pilots reportedly stated in their complaints to the ATC.

Sources said that such instances cause difficulty to the pilots in landing or taking off.

It may be noted that the lasers pointed at airplanes may cause distraction, disruption, and disorientation, which can also risk the lives of those onboard.