15 robbers posing as cops rob house of Rs20m, 70 tola gold

Our Correspondent
Monday, Nov 20, 2023

KARACHI: More than 15 robbers posing as police personnel in uniform and plainclothes stole over Rs20 million and a huge quantity of gold and other valuables from a house in Orangi Town in the early hours of Sunday.

The house that was robbed was located in Orangi Town No 5 where robbers, some of whom were wearing police uniform, entered and held the family members hostage. One of the residents, Shakir, said the culprits escaped after stealing Rs20 million, 70 to 80 tolas of gold and other valuables from the house as they took almost two hours in the robbery.

The culprits entered the house at around 2am and left the house at around 4am. They also took Shakir and his brother Amir with them, blindfolded them and dropped them at the Baloch Colony bridge from a car.

Police vehicles, a Vigo, a Mehran and motorcycles were used in the robbery, said Shakir.

He added that the more than 15 robbers participated in the robbery and police were informed about the incident through the helpline 15 immediately after the robbers had left, but the police did not reach.

He said his family was involved in a sanitary wholesale business and money to be paid to shopkeepers was at their home.

Shakir said they were six brothers who were all married and their children were also present at the house when the robbers came.

He said the culprits not only barged into their house but also surrounded the street. He claimed that the perpetrators and their vehicles could also be seen in CCTV footage. “While leaving, they took me and my brother Amir in the car. A cover was put on our eyes, and we were let go near Baloch Colony bridge,” he said as he demanded that the law enforcers arrest the criminals and serve them justice.

“The stolen cash, jewellery, and valuable items should be returned,” he said.

Meanwhile, police said they were investigating the incident. Sindh Inspector General of Police Riffat Mukhtar also took notice of the incident and sought a report from the West DIG.