Siraj assails politicians’ silence over Israeli atrocities in Gaza

Our Correspondent
Monday, Nov 20, 2023

LAHORE: Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Sirajul Haq Sunday condemned the mainstream political leadership’s silence on the Israeli atrocities in Gaza, attributing it to a fear of the United States.

Addressing the Gaza March in front of the Punjab University campus here, Siraj criticized the politicians for prioritizing self-interest and focusing on winning regions like Balochistan or Sindh while neglecting the dire situation in Palestine, including the killing of innocent children and women in the occupied area.

He expressed dismay that these leaders never truly represented the nation’s sentiments on crucial issues, always aiming to please Washington and secure power with its backing.

Thousands, including women and children, participated in the march to show solidarity with the people of Palestine.

Palestinian representative Dr. Nawaf al-Takrouri also attended the event, expressing gratitude to the public and JI for raising their voices for Palestine.

JI vice-emir Liaquat Baloch and Secretary-General Amirul Azeem also addressed the audience.

Haq urged the public to vote for the JI in the upcoming elections, emphasizing the need to eliminate the influence of US agents.

He said over four billion people would cast their votes in 76 countries with scheduled elections next year.

“One could never expect rigging in any country,” he said, lamenting the historical prevalence of rigging in Pakistan. He called for free and transparent general elections in February.

The JI chief pointed out that Pakistan’s ambassador did not meet with the Palestinian leadership in Doha for fear of the US, contrasting it with diplomats from other countries who expressed their solidarity.

He questioned the absence of the caretaker prime minister or any government representative from the Gaza march, stating that people knew the reasons.

Acknowledging global pro-Palestine rallies and public pressure in Western countries to revise policies supporting Israel, Haq criticized the Muslim world rulers for failing to take practical steps to support Gaza.

He highlighted the OIC summit’s ineffective declaration, emphasizing that history would remember the cowardice of Islamic world rulers in the face of ongoing crisis.