Beyond the remit

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023

This refers to the letter ‘Full disclosure?’ (November 22, 2023) by Hussain Siddiqui. Aside from the filing of assets and returns etc, I think that this is the most unusual caretaker setup ever, trying to take over duties and responsibilities that only accrue to an elected popular parliament and government. They really should not be commenting on controversial political issues nor trying to pass any major policy decisions but they are doing both, which is against the basic spirit of the constitution of Pakistan and against the whole purpose of the caretaker system.

I also think that the present caretaker PM should not be going abroad to represent Pakistan at various international fora, it is not his purview at all. If any decisions or ratifications are eventually required, then the new elected parliament should be able to discuss and have the final say.

Syed Anjum Ali Bokhari