Spend wisely

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023

This letter refers to the article ‘Vision Pakistan 2047: Part - II’ (November 23, 2023) by Malik Ahmad Jalal. The writer cites lack of public-sector capability as a cause of the frequent delays in the implementation of projects in Pakistan. This is not correct. Projects like BRT Lahore and the Rawalpindi/Islamabad motorways and several other similar projects have been implemented according to schedule. When there is delay in implementation it is often because there is a complete disconnect between the planning and financing of projects.

Planning authorities continue to approve projects without any consideration as to the funds required. The element of prioritizing the projects according to budgetary constraints is missing. As a result, available funds are thinly spread over projects selected by the whims of political leaders and that linger on for years due to inadequate allocation of funds. Countries that use their funds carefully on viable projects prosper and those who squander their resources on unviable projects for personal and political gains suffer.

Abdul Majeed