Paris mayor to stop using ‘global sewer’ X

Tuesday, Nov 28, 2023

PARIS: Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said on Monday she was quitting Elon Musk´s social media platform X, which she described as a “global sewer” and a tool to disrupt democracy.

“I´ve made the decision to leave X,” Hidalgo said in an op-ed in French newspaper Le Monde. “X has in recent years become a weapon of mass destruction of our democracies”, she wrote. The 64-year-old Socialist, who unsuccessfully stood for the presidency in 2022, joined Twitter as it was then known in 2009 and has been a frequent user of the platform.

She accused X of promoting “misinformation”, “anti-Semitism and racism.” “The list of abuses is endless”, she added. “This media has become a vast global sewer.” Since Musk took over Twitter in 2022, a number of high-profile figures said they were leaving the popular social platform, but there has been no mass exodus.

Several politicians including EU industry chief Thierry Breton have announced that they are opening accounts on competing networks in addition to maintaining their presence on X. The City of Paris account will remain on X, the mayor´s office told AFP.

By contrast, some organisations have taken the plunge, including the US public radio network NPR, or the German anti-discrimination agency. Hidalgo has regularly faced personal attacks on social media including Twitter, as well as sometimes criticism over the lack of cleanliness and security in Paris.