Grave injustice

Thursday, Nov 30, 2023

This letter refers to the editorial ‘Jirga injustice’ (November 28, 2023) and the news report ‘Police say pictures of girls were doctored’ (November 28, 2023). No words can describe the trauma the departed girl must have faced when her own next of kin blamed her for something she did not even do. What kind of father would allegedly kill their own daughter over unsubstantiated accusations? Pakistan, despite the ugly reality of honour killings and jirga justice (read injustice), does have a justice system in place. The law-enforcement agencies try to ensure that every citizen gets whatever justice the state can offer with its limited resources.

On the other hand, jirgas have no legal basis and should be criminalized. The system should take to task those who still appoint themselves custodians of justice and pass illegal verdicts and ensure that the law prevails whenever this happens. Parliament has to protect the constitutional rights of every citizen regardless of their gender or socioeconomic background.

Anas A Khan




This letter refers to the editorial ‘Jirga injustice’ (November 28, 2023). It is terrible to read and see the news of yet another girl murdered by her own family under the pretext of honour and with the involvement and backing of a patriarchal tribal jirga. I find it quite deplorable that such inhuman acts can still take place today. These practices need to be stamped out and the perpetrators sternly punished.

The government needs to ensure that there are no elements within the justice system covering for those who commit honour crimes and it must launch a public awareness campaign in order to counter the attitudes that lead to such crimes in the first place.

Hashim S Khan