Fire safety

Thursday, Nov 30, 2023

A fire broke out in a multi-storey shopping mall on Rashid Minhas Road in Karachi on November 25. Sadly, eleven people died and it has been reported that the shopping centre did not have fire extinguishers and emergency exits. If this was not the case, fewer lives might have been lost. Fire safety is a very important issue, especially for large buildings like plazas where many people work, shop or live. To prevent, detect, and control fires, as well as protect people and property, different types of fire safety equipment need to be installed and regularly maintained. Large buildings should also have a comprehensive emergency response plan in place, which should include specific evacuation instructions, such as the best routes out of the building or safe gathering points. All employees should be trained on the emergency response plan and know their roles and responsibilities in case of a fire. Routine fire safety inspections and drills should be conducted to ensure that all fire-fighting equipment is in good working condition and that employees are familiar with the emergency response plan. If these safety measures are not complied with, there should be serious consequences, including fines, legal action, and even closure.

Azeem Hakro