Lost innocence

Monday, Dec 04, 2023

The question of whether the lives of Palestinian children are undervalued casts a somber light amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Caught in the crossfire of political tensions and territorial disputes, Palestinian children grapple with the harsh realities of life in a conflict zone. The devaluation of innocence becomes evident in the destruction of homes, schools, and essential services, leaving these young lives in constant vulnerability. The cycle of violence has not only physical but also psychological consequences, with many children experiencing trauma that shapes their formative years.

The international community faces the challenge of addressing this stark reality and advocating for the protection and well-being of Palestinian children in Gaza. Recognizing the intrinsic value of every child’s life becomes a crucial step in fostering a path towards peace, stability, and a hopeful future for the generations to come.




There is a direct connection between unemployment and child labour. When there is a high rate of unemployment, families may face financial difficulties and struggle to meet their basic needs. In these situations, parents may decide to send their kids to work so they can help out with the family budget. Girls are disproportionately impacted by this issue as compared to boys and are often hired as domestic help. This is quite unfortunate as it leaves these girls unable to enjoy their childhood or get an education.

It is time we raised more awareness about the issue of child labour. It’s important for society to address this issue and ensure that children are protected from having to do menial or dangerous work when they should be going to school.

Aleena Panhwar