Bambino steals show at LRC

Asher Butt
Monday, Dec 04, 2023

LAHORE: The Lahore Race Club witnessed an exciting day of racing on Sunday, with Bambino emerging as the star of the show, claiming victory in the prestigious Malik Hamid Ali Noon Memorial Cup. Bambino’s victory in the Malik Hamid Ali Noon Memorial Cup was the highlight of the day, but the upsets and surprises throughout the event kept the excitement alive.

In the first race, favourite Malik Prince looked poised for victory, cruising from the railing side to the front of the pack. However, in a surprising turn of events, Minister, another favourite, surged ahead, snatching second place, while Moonlight, much to the delight of the crowd, secured third position.

The second race unfolded as expected, with favourite Mumraiz Love living up to the hype, taking the top spot. However, the race offered a twist when Kuwait Currency and Pride Of Chandrai swapped positions, claiming second and third place, respectively.

The third race produced another unexpected outcome, with Sergeant, a fluke contender, defying expectations to emerge victorious. Top Secret, contrary to expectations, finished in second place, while Gifts Of Gold secured third position.

Bambino, ridden by Shahbaz, lived up to its favourite status, dominating the Malik Hamid Ali Noon Memorial Cup. The race saw two surprising twists, with Dila Awaiz and Elizabeth claiming second and third place, respectively. The fifth race delivered another shock as Zarpash, much to the crowd’s surprise, surged ahead in the final moments to claim victory. Zindabad and Alpha, both surprise contenders, secured second and third place, respectively.