Women and work

Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023

The current economic crisis in Pakistan demands that we focus on steps to move the country in the direction of economic development and sustainable growth. The increased global population has underscored the importance of utilizing all available resources to foster economic growth. In many countries, there’s a growing recognition of the significant role women can play in the workforce and how their participation can significantly impact economic development. Pakistan’s inability to fully integrate women into the workforce has exacerbated our economic crisis by depriving us of the economic potential that women can offer.

It is imperative for us to develop frameworks to support and bolster the female workforce, creating opportunities to fortify the participation of women in the labour force. Dispelling archaic patriarchal stereotypes about the role of women in society, expanding access to education for girls, and addressing the lack of childcare facilities and safety for women will be crucial to attaining this goal.

Syed Areeba Hassan