CM suspends MS over hospital’s condition

Our Correspondent
Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023

LAHORE:Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, on Monday, suspended the Medical Superintendent of Kot Khawaja Saeed Hospital for poor healthcare services to the patients during a surprise visit to the hospital a day after Dr Adnan-ul-Qamar was notified to have been posted against the vacancy on Sunday.

Earlier, in a notification dated 03.12.2023, the Specialised Healthcare and Medical Education Department (SHC&MED) had posted Dr Adnan-ul-Qamar as Medical Superintendent, Government Kot Khawaja Saeed Teaching Hospital, Lahore.

According to the notification, Dr Adnan-ul-Qamar, Senior Medical Officer(BS-18/Regular), Mian Munshi DHQ-1 Teaching Hospital, Lahore City, Lahore, has beentransferred and posted as Medical Superintendent, Govt Kot Khawaja Saeed Teaching Hospital,

Lahore, with immediate effect against existing vacancy on his own pay and scale, relieving Dr Muhammad Riaz, (APMO/BS-19), Government Mozang Teaching Hospital, Lahore, from the additional charge of the post of Medical Superintendent, Govt Kot Khawaja Saeed Teaching Hospital, Lahore with immediate effect.

Dr Adnan-ul-Qamar, Senior Medical Officer (BS-18/Regular) is also relieved from the additional charge of the post of Medical Superintendent, Mian Munshi DHQ-1 Teaching Hospital, Lahore City, Lahore.

The pervasive filth and the sealed radiology ward added to the concerns. Complaints from patients and their attendants highlighted the deplorable conditions. After seeing this, the CM ordered removing the MS immediately and telephonically directed the health secretary to establish a satellite PIC clinic.

During the inspection, he ordered to shift a child to the children's hospital for treatment. Different patients and their attendants raised concerns about repetitive vaccine administrations, leading the CM to scrutinize the doctors' duty rosters and enforce time-bound duties.

The CM inspected different departments and reviewed the upgradation work of the hospital. In one part of the hospital, no workers were working, while in the other part, the number of workers was very low.

The CM directed to deploy an additional labour force to accelerate the upgradation work. Taking note of a differently-abled individual's issue, he not only directed its resolution but also expressed strong disapproval of the overall deplorable condition of the hospital. He assured that necessary steps would be taken to enhance treatment facilities in the hospital.

Meanwhile, the chief minister visited the Government Abdul Rahim Memorial Hospital Sodiwal to check the prevailing conditions.

The hospital was found lacking in essential services, including the absence of free medicines and blood supply. Moreover, the absence of a medical superintendent and inadequate sanitation arrangements drew complaints from attendants of female patients.

Taking notice of the grievances, the CM issued a stern warning to the MS and ordered the reimbursement of money to families who had purchased medicines from outside. He emphasised the need to enhance sanitation arrangements and stated unequivocally that any shortcomings in providing free medications to patients would not be tolerated. The CM took a round of different wards to inspect the medical facilities available to patients. He inquired about healthcare services and the provision of free medicines to patients.

Launches one-window operation, unveils business facilitation centre

In a groundbreaking initiative led by Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, Pakistan witnesses the inauguration of its first-ever one-window operation, streamlining services for investors.

Under one roof, 20 provincial and federal departments now facilitate a swift system, issuing 106 NOCs within a remarkable 15 days.

The inaugural ceremony, attended by Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi, the Provincial Cabinet, and Consul Generals of China and Turkiye marked the official commencement of the Business Facilitation Centre, also launching its online system.

The chief minister, during the inspection of the centre, emphasised the need for expediting NOC issuance to 15 days, down from 30, and sought plans for a 10-day timeline for overseas Pakistanis and foreign investors. Key departments, including LDA, TEPA, Wasa, among others, will issue NOCs, registrations, and certificates, providing a significant boost to investors and industrialists.

Appreciating the centre's facilities, Mohsin Naqvi acknowledged the pivotal role played by the Department of Industries and Lahore Chambers of Commerce in its establishment. He highlighted the centre's importance in providing a one-window operation similar to the Police Service Centre.

The chief minister committed to replicating the success, announcing plans to establish five more Business Facilitation Centres within 30 days in Faisalabad, Sialkot, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, and Multan. He emphasised that the Business Facilitation Centre aims to serve not only Lahore but also other cities.

Addressing the gathering, the chief minister emphasised the need for vigilance from businesses and investors in monitoring and identifying potential issues within the Business Facilitation Centre. Consul Generals of Turkiye and China, Durmu Ba tu and Zhao Shiren, participated in the event, expressing their appreciation for the centre.

The event was attended by Provincial Ministers SM Tanveer, Amir Mir, Azfar Nasir, Dr Jamal Nasir, Dr Javed Akram, Bilal Afzal, Ibrahim Murad, Adviser Kunwar Dilshad, IGP, secretaries, and other officials.

Provincial Industries Minister SM Tanveer and Secretary Industries provided a comprehensive briefing on the One Window Operation.