Amir orders redressing cattle market overcharging complaints

Our Correspondent
Tuesday, Dec 05, 2023

LAHORE:Taking strict action against the overcharging of slip fees, Provincial Caretaker Local Government Minister Amir Mir visited the Shahpur Kanjran Cattle Market on Monday and summoned its head for an inquiry into the overcharging of slip fees for small and large animals.

The minister questioned the rationale behind imposing double fees for small and large animals instead of the prescribed Rs100 and Rs500. He issued instructions for the resolution of complaints and grievances from both the public and the cattle market management. He emphasised that swift action will be taken against those found guilty of overcharging.

The minister sought a response from the contracted company involved in the fee collection. He said that prior complaints of extortion in the cattle market had reached the chief minister's office, and warned of contract cancellation if such behaviour persisted. Furthermore, the provincial minister directed the market management to improve the sanitation arrangements promptly. He issued stern warning to the owners of the contracting company, emphasising the necessity for immediate rectification of the situation.