Dengue outbreak fades away in Pindi, sporadic cases still being reported

Muhammad Qasim
Thursday, Dec 07, 2023

Rawalpindi: The pattern of incidence of dengue fever in Rawalpindi district being recorded at the time shows that the outbreak of the infection has faded away though sporadic cases of dengue fever are still being reported from various localities of the district convincing health experts to believe that individuals in this region of the country should continue following preventive measures to avoid the illness.

Data collected by ‘The News’ on Wednesday has revealed that as many as 13 individuals have tested positive for dengue fever from the district in the last five days taking the total number of patients so far reported from Rawalpindi to 2642 this year. It is important to mention that at least 16 dengue fever patients were undergoing treatment at the public sector hospitals in the district on Wednesday of which two patients were in critical condition.

Data reveals that from the middle of July to the end of November this year, as many as 2625 confirmed patients of dengue fever were reported from Rawalpindi district while in the last one week, less than 20 patients were confirmed positive for the infection in Rawalpindi showing that the outbreak has approached to its seasonal close.

The dengue fever outbreak in the region lost its intensity mainly because of a fall in temperature as had happened in case of dengue fever outbreaks occurred in the last 15 years or so. Health experts say that most of the confirmed patients of dengue fever being reported at the time are those who have been bitten by dengue fever vector, the female mosquito ‘aedes aegypti’, seven to 10 days back however, they still believe that individuals should continue following preventive measures. Studies reveal that below 20 degrees Celsius, ‘aedes aegypti’ and ‘aedes albopictus’, the mosquitoes that cause dengue fever become unable to mount and feed on humans as their limbs and joints become weaker. Below 13.8 degree centigrade, the mosquitoes’ activity both egg laying and biting ability comes to an end.

During the dengue fever outbreak this year, the burden of patients remained much heavier at the public sector hospitals in Rawalpindi district as a total of over 17000 patients visited dengue outpatient departments at the allied hospitals in town of which over 2700 patients were admitted to the hospitals for treatment of dengue fever.