The killing resumes

Saturday, Dec 09, 2023

The breakdown of the ceasefire in Gaza has plunged the region into an abyss of suffering and despair. Innocent civilians, caught in the crossfire of a geopolitical conflict, bear the brunt of this relentless violence. In the aftermath of the ceasefire’s end, Israeli warplanes unleashed a barrage of airstrikes on Gaza. Western media outlets, entrusted with the duty to report truthfully, remained complicit in Israeli war crimes. Their silence was stained with the blood of over 6,000 innocent children. The world, too often indifferent to distant conflicts, must awaken to the urgency of this crisis. The United States, a key player in the geopolitical landscape, bears responsibility. Its financial support indirectly fuels this tragedy. Israel, too, must reckon with its actions.

As witnesses to this unfolding catastrophe, we cannot afford indifference. The lives lost demand our empathy, our outrage, and our commitment to justice. Let us not grow numb to the atrocities. Let us amplify the voices of the silenced, advocate for peace, and work tirelessly toward a world where such horrors find no fertile ground.

Sehrish Aslam