Taking a stand

Tuesday, Sep 14, 2021

The government has recently floated the idea of using electronic voting machines (EVMs) in the upcoming elections. While it is a good idea to incorporate latest technology to make the process transparent, the government needs to keep in mind that in a country like Pakistan where a large number of people cannot operate seemingly easy machines such as ATMs, people cannot be expected to learn how to operate EVMs within such a short span of time. Also, Pakistan, with its faltering economy, may not have the sufficient resources needed to implement this idea. The incumbent government has nothing tangible to show during its three-year term in office. Instead of focusing on issues such as inflation, the government is focusing on peripheral issues.

It is also alarming that federal ministers have hurled threats of dire at the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) after the ECP raised 37 objections to the usage of EVMs. The people who raised questions on the transparency of national institutions should be held accountable. Though the ECP is amply armed with discretionary powers to punish such elements, it has not done so. It is the need of the hour that the ECP take stringent measures against this tirade.

Sajjad Khattak