Mobile phones worth millions of rupees snatched from courier company vehicle

Our Correspondent
Monday, Feb 12, 2024

Armed men on Sunday robbed a van of a courier company carrying mobile phones worth million of rupees. Police said the incident took place in the wee hours of Sunday when the robbers intercepted a vehicle of a private courier company and took the company’s staff in the vehicle hostage. They drove the vehicle to a place where another vehicle was parked. The robbers loaded the new vehicle with the mobile phones in the courier company’s vehicle and fled.

Following the incident, the police registered a case against unidentified persons and initiated investigations. According to Ferozabad SP Aleena Rajper, police registered the case on the complaint of a company official. She added that CCTV footage of the incident's surroundings was being obtained.

The officer said the company authorities had not specified the stolen items and the extent of damage in the case, and they verbally stated that the worth of stolen items ranged between Rs10 million and Rs70 million.

SP Rajper said that since the company had multiple owners, they were currently in the process of individually checking how many mobile phones each owner had and their respective value. Only after this assessment, the total number of mobile phones and their overall value would be determined, she said.

The officer added that the owners of the company were around five and only mobile phones were stolen from the vehicle. “Based on our initial investigation, the value of the stolen goods could be around Rs10 to Rs20 million. We are currently investigating the case, and at the moment, we cannot provide any conclusive statements,” she said. However, she we assured that the police would soon solve the case.