Nation has given mandate to PDM-led coalition: Ahsan

Our Correspondent
Monday, Feb 12, 2024

LAHORE: PMLN Secretary General and former federal minister Ahsan Iqbal on Sunday said the nation has given the mandate to the same coalition that steered the country out of bankruptcy in 2022. He said the PDM government put Pakistan on the path of economic stabilisation for completing the unfinished agenda. “PMLN, PPP and MQM major partners got 113 seats in 2018 and these parties have secured 152 seats in 2024,” he tweeted, saying despite consuming their political capital for saving Pakistan from default, these parties have earned a bigger mandate in 2024. Iqbal further said the democratic forces have won, fascist slogans have lost. “It is time for healing the wounds of polarisation and developing a consensus on the future economic agenda and reforms has started,” he added.