PTI to prefer opposition benches over compromise on party position: Gohar

Our Correspondent
Monday, Feb 12, 2024

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Barrister Gohar Ali Khan Sunday hinted at sitting on the opposition benches instead of compromising on the party position.

He said they were holding talks and within a day or two, it would be decided which party was to be joined and “we would also get allotted reserved seats”.

“We would prefer to sit on the opposition benches instead of compromising our position and would make the final decision in this regard within a day or two,” he said during the Geo News Election Transmission.

The PTI leader said the results of 70 seats were controversial and demanded the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) handle the matter at the earliest.

He said he had received news of Waseem Qadir joining the PMLN and they would look into it. He said there had been no contact with him; he had contested the polls as an independent candidate but he was backed by the PTI.

“All other candidates are in touch with the party and are with us and they will remain with us. We had expressed apprehensions earlier that some members would change loyalties. But we had faith in Waseem Qadir,” he added.

Gohar said Waseem had stood by the party in very difficult times. “It is not a good tradition that a person wins with the support of a party and then aligns with other party,” he remarked.

He clarified neither resignation nor oath was demanded from members. He vowed that they would block the way of sale and purchase of members.

Gohar denied his party having made contact with the JI and said any party could be joined by them and it was also not necessary that the party should be present in parliament.

He reiterated that they would not form an alliance with anyone. He also clarified that it was not under consideration that his party backed MNAs-elect would join the JI.

Meanwhile, the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sunday strongly rejected the ongoing ‘malicious bids’ and shameful drama’ to tamper with the electoral results to convert its ‘overwhelming majority’ into minority and impose the people-rejected PDM-2 on the nation once again.

In a statement, the party’s spokesperson vehemently denounced what he alleged a reprehensible plot to deprive the people of their true and genuine representatives, as efforts were afoot to steal the public mandate and re-impose the gang of criminals on the nation.

He made it clear that the people won’t accept any such nefarious plan and would safeguard their mandate come what may.

The spokesperson demanded immediate resignation of the chief election commissioner and members of the Election Commission, who ‘worked as main facilitators in the daylight robbery on the public mandate’.

He said the chief election commissioner and members of the ECP did not have any right and moral justification to stay anymore on their position since they had completely failed in performing their constitutional and legal duties.

The spokesperson further said they opened the door to violating the Constitution, flouting the law, tarnishing democracy and desecrating the public mandate.

He said the PTI, being the largest and most popular party in the country, with representation in all the four provinces and a decisive public mandate, had the basic constitutional, democratic, moral and political right to form the government.

He recalled that the PDM’s 16-month-long inept government compounded the public miseries manifold as they increased inflation and ruined the fast thriving economy.