Mystery murder case solved

Monday, Feb 12, 2024

Rawalpindi: The mystery of the murder case in the jurisdiction of Saddar Barooni Police Station was resolved here on Sunday.

The police spokesman revealed that the perpetrator turned out to be a friend of the victim. The accused lured the victim into the desert, where he robbed him of his money and fatally slashed his throat with a knife. Shockingly, the victim’s friend was behind this heinous act. Shakir and Asif have been apprehended as prime suspects in the case.

They meticulously planned the murder and fled the scene after disposing of the body in the desert. Saddar Barooni police tracked down the killers using advanced scientific technology. SP Saddar Muhammad Nabil Khokar commended the police team for their exceptional performance. He emphasized that the arrested individuals will face the law.

Meanwhile, police have arrested a suspect for stabbing to death a man a few days ago here on Sunday. According to the police spokesman, the arrested suspect Zeeshan Haider stabbed a man namely Haider Abbas to death over a petty dispute. The case of the incident was registered at the Banni Police Station.

The Banni police, by using intelligence and human resources through using scientific method, traced and arrested the accused who fled away after committing the crime.