Recounting of votes in NA-133 Kasur-lll likely today

Our Correspondent
Monday, Feb 12, 2024

KASUR: Recounting notices issued by Returning Officer (RO) Chunian were received by both parties for recounting of votes today (Monday) in NA-133 Kasur-III.

On the other hand, RO Chunian Amir Raza Batt rejected the rumours that have been falsely spread regarding his transfer.

On the other side voters and supporters of both parties are much worried that what would happen with their mandate.

President of Bar Association Chunian Asad Jamal said that Chunian Bar will play its full positive role to support the general mandate. Furthermore Deputy Commissioner (DC) Kasur is putting a lot of pressure over RO Amir Raza Batt for re-counting which is totally illegal.