Sweet poison

Thursday, Nov 25, 2021

Obesity is a health condition that is prevalent amongst young adults and children. One fears that in time, it might become a major issue in the country – one with no solution. At a news conference on World Diabetes Day 2021, health experts claimed that two-thirds of the population were either obese or overweight. One expects this number to rise in coming years. Shrinking sports and physical activities and the consumption of sugary beverages and junk food have even led to a surge in the number of children with diabetes.

Given that 33 million people in the country are diabetic and another 33 million are pre-diabetic, schools have an important role to play. They should keep an eye on their canteens to ensure that junk food and sugary drinks are not sold and should educate students about the negative effects such food has on their health. If such steps are taken in an efficient manner, we can easily come out of this impending health crisis.

Ali Sher